Manufacturer of medical
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Atlas Teb Roham Company has started its activity with the aim of producing knowledge-based products in the field of medical equipment since 1398, and in this way, using expert specialists, designs, manufactures and produces knowledge-based products by estimating the real needs of the country and It has prevented the outflow of foreign currency from the country. Based on this, a policy has been made and in designing products, observing the standards of the world day, as well as designing products using modern technologies, the possibility of international competition, transfer of technical knowledge and effective international communication has caused products for the first time in The country of production or in their production, the needs of the country have been met with the cheapest price and with a completely competitive quality with world-renowned brands.

In the production of these products, all standards of medical device production, including good production conditions. (gmp), the use of medical grade raw material, completely safe design and user-friendly Has seen.

The company intends to increase customer satisfaction by carefully planning and monitoring the concession and development system based on long-term and short-term goals to develop the market, which is based on the approach of the organization’s senior management in company policy. The desire to produce high-tech products and meet the basic needs of the country in the field of medical equipment, relying on the ability of domestic experts.

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